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Lakota art and jewelry has inspired men and women for generations. At Prairie Passions, we partner with native artists from South Dakota to bring you the finest examples of Lakota-Sioux industry and creativity. From traditional quilts made by an elder on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, to prints and original water colors from one of the tribe's foremost artists, or delicate beaded jewelry, Prairie Passions is your source for beautiful, authentic treasures of the plains.


Original Native American Watercolor Paintings Lakota Watercolor Paintings

Joe Pulliam's watercolor paintings present the best of the Native American artistic heritage. They feature bold colors and traditional Lakota motifs. Original watercolor paintings and signed watercolor prints are available.





Custom Items

In addition to our wide selection of authentic Oglala Lakota art, jewelry, and apparel, we are happy to work with you on custom orders. Our network of artists and friends in the Pine Ridge region allows us to supply almost any order. Please write to us using the form below.


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